Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge

Faculty and Staff

Runnels teachers instruct only in their particular areas of professional expertise, which means that even 1st graders have a different teacher for every subject area. With academic classes normally limited to 18 students, each child receives individual attention. A greater-than-average number of faculty members have advanced degrees, and all Runnels teachers are encouraged to continue their own educations.

Continuity is achieved by Runnels’ high degree of teacher retention from year to year. Forty percent of the teaching staff has been at Runnels for 10 years or longer, and 30 percent for five years or longer.

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“The joy of learning, when it catches fire in a child, lasts a lifetime:
Runnels teachers have proven their ability to communicate the spark!”
- Gladys and Kelly Runnels