Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge

Preschool Overview

Runnels Preschool was established in 1965 to bring a fresh perspective in early learning to the Baton Rouge community. Runnels was one of the first preschools in the area to offer individual instruction in the areas of reading and math readiness as part of the curriculum. The first classes were held in the home of Founding Headmaster Dr. L.K. Runnels, a chemistry professor at LSU at the time, and his first wife. Their oldest son was one of their first students. 

In addition to quality instruction, the Runnels program featured small classes, a nurturing, home-like environment, a caring and dedicated faculty and staff, and a school culture that valued kindness, acceptance, responsibility, fun, creativity, and play. These values still form the heart of “The Runnels Preschool Experience.”

At Runnels, we feel that play is extremely important to a young child's social, physical, creative and intellectual development, so we include plenty of time for structured and unstructured play during the school day. Our expansive facilities allow for children to explore both indoor and outdoor play spaces regularly. We believe that play prepares students to approach learning with joy and excitement. 

At Runnels Preschool, we know and cherish our students as unique individuals, and inspire them to thrive in an inclusive, caring, stimulating, and safe learning environment.

  • DEDICATED PRESCHOOL CAMPUS   Our preschool campus, located at 6455 Jefferson Highway, has multiple outdoor play areas and gardens, spacious classrooms, and a large indoor activity center. Separate programs are offered for 2s, 3s, and Pre-Kindergarten students. The campus is highly secure.
  • SMALL CLASSES   The student-to-teacher ratio is 1:6 for the 2s; 1:7 for the 3s; and 1:8 in Pre-K classes.
  • DAILY INDIVIDUAL WORK   Each student has daily one-on-one time with a teacher in reading and math (in addition to group literacy and math).  Every child progresses at his or her own pace during Individual Work time. 
  • CARING FACULTY   Dedicated and experienced teachers, administrators, and staff members help foster a family-like atmosphere based on love, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, and kindness.  
  • ART & MUSIC   A distinguishing characteristic of Runnels is its emphasis on the arts. Starting in preschool, students are exposed to art, music, and various forms of creative expression.
  • EACH CHILD IS UNIQUE   The individual needs, temperaments, and personalities of each child are recognized and valued.  At Runnels Preschool, every child is cherished, respected, and challenged. Learning takes place in a secure, friendly, and comfortable environment, where children can flourish.
  • “NUT-FREE CAMPUS”   A “NO NUT POLICY” is in force at Runnels Preschool (and Elementary School). Foods containing peanuts or tree nuts are not allowed on the preschool campus.
  • LEARNING IS FUN!   For preschoolers, learning is synonymous with play! Children, who equate learning and discovery with enjoyment, maintain a positive attitude toward study throughout their school years.  The Runnels Preschool program is designed to meet the needs of your preschool child – physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

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