Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge

Lower Elementary Overview

Experiences in grades 1-3 form the foundation for a child’s entire academic and social journey through elementary school. At Runnels, students are part of a close-knit learning community. Teachers know who their students are and how they learn best and present inspiring and engaging lessons that kindle curiosity and energize learning.

Students eat lunch family-style with their teachers in classrooms, work on projects together, and explore the world and their own identities through literature, classroom studies, group projects, and play. We combine a rigorous curriculum with experiences that cultivate creativity, self-confidence, and respect for others.

All  students in grades 1-6 participate in the “Raider Star” program, which is designed to encourage admirable behaviors, such as being kind, respectful, compassionate, and helpful. The program nurtures and sustains a positive school climate and assists students in developing strategies against bullying. The ultimate goal of the program is to inspire students to respect and appreciate others and their world.

At Runnels, uniforms are not required and dress is casual.

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