Runnels | Independent School, Baton Rouge

Tech Goals

Runnels School uses technology to enhance the mission and vision of our school, which is to instill knowledge in a community of respect and compassion, celebrate student individuality and inspire creativity to grow confident and curious lifelong learners.  We strive to fulfill the educational needs of our community and empower students to positively impact our world.

The goals for students’ use of technology at Runnels are based on the International Society for Technology in Education Standards.

These goals are:

Creativity and Innovation: Students will demonstrate creative thinking, discover content and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

Communication and Collaboration: Students will communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences in a variety of digital media and formats. They will contribute to project teams to produce original works and solve problems. Students will develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with other cultures.

Research and Information Fluency: Students will identify and apply appropriate tools to gather, organize, evaluate and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making: Students will use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems and make informed decisions using appropriate tools and resources.

Digital Citizenship: Runnels will advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology.