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Elementary Athletics

Brent LaxElementary Athletic Director

Our Elementary Athletics Program (K-5) offers participation is several seasonal after-school team sports throughout the school year. Our athletic program for kindergarten through fifth grade students is organized by the Elementary Athletic Director.

The sixth graders participate in Junior High Athletics.

We work to field Runnels teams to participate in basketball in the fall/winter and baseball in the spring. The number of teams formed for each sport depends on the number of students interested in participating. In the interest of emphasizing the individual, team building, and sportsmanship over competition, it is out school’s athletic department’s policy to keep grade level teams together whenever possible.

While the program is organized by the Elementary Athletic Director, the coaching staff consists of volunteer parent coaches. Please read Runnels Elementary Sports Guidelines for more information.

The mission of our elementary sports programs is:

  1. To help young people develop (a) physically, by learning sports skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits, and avoiding injuries; (b) psychologically, by learning to control their emotions and developing feelings of self-worth; (c) socially, by learning how to cooperate in a competitive context and learning appropriate standards of behavior (sportsmanship).
  2. To have fun at practices and games.
  3. To have winning teams.

Our school sponsors Girls on the Run for girls in grades 3-5. 

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