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Keenan Ruff Varsity Tennis Coach
Keenan Ruff joins us as head coach of the girls and boys varsity tennis teams following the retirement of long-time head coach Kathrin Sieberth, who described him as “a tough, caring and supportive coach who believes student-athletes must first excel in the classroom before sports achievements."

Originally from Virginia, Coach Keenan attended Norfolk State University on full scholarship where he was an NCAA Division I student-athlete (tennis). Upon completion of his bachelor's degree in English, Coach Keenan moved to Baton Rouge. In 2013, he earned his J.D. from the Paul Hebert Law School at LSU.

An athlete all his life, Coach Keenan has concentrated on tennis for the past 17 years. His passion for athletics led him to coaching opportunities. He has trained some of Louisiana’s top junior tennis players, including recent state singles champions.

Inspiring words... "Pressure is a privilege -- it only comes to those who earn it." -Billie Jean King


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