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Heat Illnesses

Heat illnesses, needless to say, are a major concern for athletes in the state of Louisiana, especially in the summer. Not only can the temperature be staggering, but the humidity can also get inordinately high. Taken together, these climatic factors can be potentially deadly or severely injurious. The good news, however, is that heat illnesses are easily preventable. Awareness and vigilance are the keys. The information in the links below can provide awareness, but it is up to health care professionals, coaches, parents, and athletes themselves to be vigilant.

  • What You Need to Know about Heat Illnesses  This is the NATA's informational packet about heat illnesses.
  • Pre-Season Heat Acclimatization Guidelines  Getting used to those scorching summer practices is really difficult, and inadequate preparation for the heat can result in dangerous heat illnesses, such as those described in the first link. The NATA has therefore published guidelines (found by visiting the link to the left) for acclimating to summer heat.
  • More Information on Heat Exhaustion  If you have read about heat exhaustion in the first links but want to learn more
  • More Information on Heat Stroke
  • Sickle Cell Trait Fact Sheet (NATA)   Having a sickle cell trait is a genetic condition that can potentially predispose an athlete to danger if he or she is performing intense exercise. Having a sickle cell trait, however, does not mean that the athlete cannot participate in sports.
  • Exertional Sickling  If you have read the fact sheet by visiting the previous link but want to more about exertional sickling, visit the link to the left.



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