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Acute Injury Management

The term "acute injury" technically gives a mere time frame of an injury: an acute injury's onset is rapid, it is usually caused by some trauma, and it is not a recurring condition. Because of this broad definition, which encompasses anything from a scraped knee to a fractured skull (and beyond), all acute injury management cannot be explained exhaustively by one set of guidelines. In this section of the website we have therefore narrowed the definition of acute injury (for simplicity) to include such common injuries as ligament sprains and muscle strains. For these injuries there are fairly simple guidelines, which are provided below.

R: Rest the injured body-part; use it as little as possible in the earliest stage of healing.
I: Ice the injured area for no more than 20 minutes per hour.
C: Compression is important; use an ACE bandage to keep the ice in place and to compress fluid out of the swollen, injured area.
E: Elevation of the injured body-part well above the heart for the duration of icing also helps with swelling.




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