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Medication Policy

Our Policy

Only medication prescribed by a physician and medication listed on the Over-the-Counter Medication form will be administered during school hours by the staff at Runnels Schools. Prescription medication must be brought to the school by the parent in a current container that meets pharmaceutical standards. Parental and physician authorization must be documented on the Physician and Parental Authorization forms before medication will be administered, without exception. Over-the-Counter (OTC) medication cannot be administered by Runnels School staff other than the medication listed on the Over-the-Counter Medication form. A parent must administer any other OTC medication to their own child and report this medication administration to the appropriate office personnel or school nurse. Children shall not carry medication on their person, in lockers, book bags or lunch boxes on school grounds unless ordered by the physician and O.K.’d by the school nurse (i.e. inhalers, Epipens).

Plan Ahead

According to guidelines issued by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, all medications, including OTC medications (e.g., Tylenol and Polysporin), given by our nursing staff must be prescribed by the student’s personal physician. The nursing staff will have available the OTC medications listed on the OTC Physician’s Order form. In order for your child to receive any OTC medication, a separate OTC Medication Physician’s Order form must be completed and signed by you and your child’s physician.

Our main concern is for the safety and well being of all students at Runnels. Without a completed OTC Physician’s Order form on file the Runnels nursing staff will not be able to administer medications for headaches, menstrual cramps, bug bites, antibiotic cream, orthodontia discomfort, etc. If the nursing staff is unable to treat your child’s complaint due to lack of appropriate OTC Physician’s Order to give medication, and the student is unable to return to class and participate, you will be called to make arrangements to either bring and administer medicine or pick the student up from school.

This policy is in place in order to be compliant with the state guidelines. We will accept faxed copies of the OTC Physician’s Order form. We must have a separate form for each child enrolled at Runnels if you wish for that child to receive OTC medication.

For students with chronic health conditions, other than Asthma or Allergy, please contact the nurse for health condition specific forms. If you have any questions, please call 225.215.5706 or email

Medical Forms and Policies