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Options for Tuition

For over a quarter century Runnels School has employed a unique system for the payment of tuition that has benefits for the parents as well as for the school.

The guiding principle has been very simple: the earlier you pay tuition and fees, the less it should cost you. The most basic example is that prepaid annual tuition involves fewer dollars than twelve monthly tuition payments (and this is not unique to Runnels). An extension of this notion, in effect since 1981, has been our payment-date-dependent annual tuition schedule -- tuition amounts change every half month.

The advantage to parents of discounted tuitions is obvious, but it also benefits the school to have early use of the tuition dollars for preparing instructional space and materials. Parents and the school both benefit from the budgetary predictability that is implied by advance enrollments and payments.

The logical progression of these notions, the discounted prepaid Multi-Year Enrollment, was introduced in the mid-1980's, and has been a popular option for many parents ever since. The percentage of students enrolled under this option at any one time has generally been in the 5 - 10 percent range. Discounts for these contracts range from 5% (two prepaid years) to 42% (twelve prepaid years). A further benefit for parents is that any tuition increases adopted by the Board of Trustees during the tenure of an advance payment option have no effect for those students.

All prepayment options are extremely restrictive insofar as cancellation and refunds are concerned. Parents should carefully read the rules on second page of the enrollment agreement.

Tuitions for 2020-21 and future years are based on the tuition schedule adopted by the Runnels School Board of Trustees on April 3, 2019, and will remain in effect until a new schedule is adopted during Spring, 2020.

Prepaid Multi-Year Enrollment Option

Parents of already-enrolled students have the option of extending and prepaying (discounted) General Tuition and Resource Tuition for two or more additional years.  The cost for the full term of the Multi-Year Enrollment contract is based on the cost of the first additional year and is unaffected by any future tuition increases during the tenure of the contract. Second (or third) child discounts also apply -- for the full term of the contract, even if an older sibling graduates.  It is required that the Resource Tuition be paid in full for each of the (two or more) years of the Multi-Year Contract, as well as the Technology Fee.

The Resource Tuition for 2018 - 19 is $240 for preschool and $450 for K - 12th grades. The initial Enrollment Tuition remains unchanged, $250 for preschool, $500 for K - 3rd and $750 for 4th - 12th. The Technology Fee is $0 for Preschool, $180 for grades K-3 and $240 for grades 4-12.

Resource and enrollment tuition and technology fees paid under a Multi-Year Contract are nonrefundable except in the case of catastrophic illness of the child, which condition must be demonstrated to the school's satisfaction.  No refunds are payable for voluntary withdrawals, expulsions or moving out of town.  In the event of catastrophic illness, the refund due will be determined by recalculating costs according to usual, current tuition terms, without the discount for prepayment for multiple years, and then will not be payable for four months after the date enrollment ceases.

The savings are based on the following table:

Multi-Year Factors

No. of yrs.
























If you are interested in a Multi-Year Contract, please contact the Business Office.